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At Avilas Dental Health Care Group, we’re always looking to partner with passionate dental professionals from all corners of the world. We have partnership opportunities available for clinicians of all skill levels from graduates to principal dentists and specialists and we’re always on the lookout for talented Dental Assistants, Practice Managers and other support team members.

Dental health care group strive for excellence in everything we do. By going the extra mile, we aim to do things better every day. It also helps us stay ahead of the game. And when we deliver a brilliant patient experience, we earn their loyalty and grow our reputation.

How Dental Health Care Group Helps You

The healing and therapeutic qualities of hot springs have been acknowledged for centuries. It is based on the tradition that Avilas Dental Care focuses on providing our partners with the best possible support to enable them to provide the highest quality patient care. Your mouth and smile is the gateway to your overall health and happiness and water is at the very essence of good oral health.

From protecting against tooth decay and gum disease to preventing dry mouth and the dreaded bad breath the drinking of water is fundamentally at the essence of a healthy life.

dental health care group

We believe the name, Avilas Dental Care, symbolises our commitment to the epitome of oral health and wellbeing to provide our partners with the best quality support to ensure their patients really are happy, healthy patients for life.

What We Do

At Avilas Dental Carewe understand our clinician partners are passionate about what they do best:  providing exceptional patient experiences. Providing resources and support for our practices and clinician partners is what we do. We’re the team behind the practice that makes our clinician’s lives easier. With experts in business operations, clinical support, legal, finance, marketing, IT & Human Resources we ensure the day to day running of the practice is taken care of so our clinician partners can focus on being the dental experts that we know.

Best Dental Health Care Programs

Dental health care services offer oral health services at standalone clinics and through school-based programs. We help low income families, the elderly, the disabled, and more. We teach the community about the importance of oral health and connect them with dental professionals. Avilas Dental Group also trains dental and non-dental providers on preventive oral health services. We conduct research and release reports documenting oral health care needs of vulnerable populations. Also we partner with other organizations to better understand oral health issues.

We provide policy and programmatic recommendations to improve the oral health and raise awareness with the public and legislators to achieve this goal. Our dentists can examine your teeth, gums and mouth, and recognize any problems that could affect your overall health.

We have the training and skills to:

  • Examine and diagnose your oral condition;
  • Recommend and carry out treatment;
  • Look for signs of oral cancer and often be the first to spot them;
  • Help you understand oral health care and its importance
  • Helping you to keep your teeth healthy and comfortable for your entire lifetime;
  • Inform you about postoperative care options; and
  • Perform emergency or required procedures and help you determine a long-term treatment plan that meets your needs and circumstances.

Our dental hygienist is registered and trained to clean your teeth and to help you develop a home-care routine tailored to your needs. Our team member who prepares you for treatment, sterilizes instruments, assists your dentist and helps keep your mouth dry during procedures. In some jurisdictions, a dental assistant may also take x-rays and dental impressions, and polish and apply fluoride to your teeth.

We maintain the dental team’s schedules and allow the office to run smoothly. The expert is usually your first point of contact and may often provide you with general information about your appointment and billing. Experience what patient-centered care can do for you. Our family-friendly dental office offers a wide range of leading-edge options and delivers painless treatments with amazing results. We genuinely care about you as a person and are known for being accommodating, encouraging, supportive, and compassionate.

Preventative Care

We’ll engage you at every step of treatment: discussing care options, answering questions, and ensuring you understand what’s happening in your mouth. We want you to take control of your smile and your health. We will empower you through patient education, by answering your questions, and through preventative care.

Avila's Dental Group

Our dental office is committed to provide unparalleled service with the highest quality and care. We believe your needs are unique and for this reason, we evaluate and customize every treatment plan. Our philosophy is to treat you like family.

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